Commercial Strip Lighting by Lumen Efficient Design


LEDI-TPSTR-N-34/38/45-DIM-4FT-347 & LEDI-TPSTR-N-65/75/90-DIM-8FT-347

• Lightweight and slim design

• Integrated side-mounted switch allows users to easily select and change CCT/Output fixture settings

• Available in 4ft and 8ft dimensions

• CCT Selectable: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K

• 4ft Output Selectable: 34W, 38W, 45W

• Lumen output: 4420lm-4940lm-5850lm

• 8ft Output Selectable: 65W, 75W, 90W

• Lumen output: 8450lm-9570lm-11700lm

• 130lm/W luminous efficacy

• Features a durable, UV-resistant PMMA lens

• Opal lens: semi-opaque diffuser provides even light distribution and reduces glare

• Polyester powder coated galvanized steel ensures a strong structure and improved heat dissipation

• Features premium SEOUL LED chips

• L70 rated chip for >50,000hours projected life

• Input voltage 120-347Vac

• 0-10V dimmable driver

• Flicker-free driver as standard

• Damp location rated

• Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80

• Power factor >0.90

• Voltage frequency 50/60Hz

• Operating temperature -20ºC to 50ºC

• 5-year warranty

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