Air Filtration

Going forward, businesses are atuned to the assurance of their customers that their environments are safe and that safety protocols are being mandated, followed and diligently maintained. Our two air filtration solutions will ensure that results are being maximized to provide greater peace of mind for business owners and their patrons alike.

6-Stage Hepa Air Purification System

  • Six stages of purification
  • High efficiency double composite filter cartridge design
  • Features ultraviolet sterilization and ionization cycles
  • Recommended for rooms between 118 to 215 square feet
  • Ultra quiet operation: 20.8dB
  • Features a compact, modern design
  • Durable ABS modular construction
  • Three fan speed settings
  • Timer with sleep mode to set system operation for a desired length of time
  • Infrared (IR) remote control included
  • Integrated touch panel controls
  • Filter change sensor and preset filter change reminder
  • Pull tabs on filter cartridges and integrated tabs in filter compartment for quick filter replacement
  • CADR: 5,650 feet cubed per hour
  • Input voltage 110-120Vac
  • Voltage frequency 50/60Hz
  • 1-year warranty
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Ultra Violet Disinfection Cart

Germicidal UV-C Cart

  • Enhances daily disinfection procedures
  • Includes two 30 watt 254-nm UV-C lamps
  • Adjustable arm with 180 degrees of motion
  • 360 degree beam angle enhances disinfection area
  • Integrated compartment allows for convenient storage of components
  • Microwave sensor pauses cycle when occupancy detected
  • Dual ballast design allows independent operation and service of lamps
  • 9,000 projected lamp life
  • Pre-wired cord and plug
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Ultra Violet Disinfection Strip Fixture

UV-C Stip

  • Enhances daily disinfection procedures
  • Two models available: 18W (2ft) and 36W (4ft)
  • Integrated sensor pauses cycle when occupancy detected
  • Effective occupancy detection radius of 23 feet
  • 9,000 projected lamp life
  • Optional timer can be installed for disinfection scheduling
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