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Lumen Efficient Design is a lighting solutions provider dedicated to the Canadian distribution market.

We engage in progressive strategies to make available quality products and innovative solutions by offering an extensive selection of legacy and cutting edge LED products.

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Decorative Fixtures
Introducing Lumen Efficient Design's newest line-up of residential fixtures.

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Flat Panels
Introducing Lumen Efficient Design's newest back lit panels coming to Canada this April. 3cct and wattage select with premium PMMA lens and very competitively priced.

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Lumen Efficient Design is partnering with All State Garden Supply to bring to the Canadian market an extensive line of horticultural lighting solutions.

Our new product line-up will feature soon. Check back in February and become a dealer in this growing market!

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Health & Safety
Our air purification systems will help to greatly enhance your sterilization protocols. These technologies have been in use for decades in the reduction / elimination of pathogens in water, air and on surfaces.

Check out our mobile UV-C carts ideal for mobile sterilization of rooms and surfaces

Our UV-C Strip fixtures are ideal for enhancing sterilization with 254 nanometer germ eradication.

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Legacy Products In Stock
Halogen, Metal Halide, HPS, ballasts, linear and compact fluorescent, etc are stock in Toronto.

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Attention Sales Professionals

Lumen Efficient Design is looking for independent sales agents for the two following territories:

- Province of Quebec

- Maritime Provinces

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us on our journey.

Email: | Call: 647-450-0868

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